The Cloud Tradeshow 2019


The Cloud Tradeshow is a Freemium online product.
The Cloud Tradeshow itself is subscription only.
The free product is the Cloud Tradeshow Support Group (member only access from 20 May 2019).
The Support Group will be a private (closed) group with no external internet access for non-members from 20 May 2019.

Why do businesses like to have shops in shopping malls?
Why is a Tradeshow a really great idea?
Why do so many people go to shopping malls and Tradeshows?

Welcome to the Cloud Tradeshow!

Drive more customers to your website!

Get more sales!

Earn more $$$!

The WordPress Classic Editor is easier to use than Weebly! See my Weebly promo.

If you wish to post on this site, please see the instructions (I will need to make you an author).

Please also look at the Sample post.


How many of you like the idea of the Tradeshow?
Hopefully everyone!
I have set up a Cloud Tradeshow! See:
i.e. an online Tradeshow permanently available for you to promote your goods and services.
Try before you buy!
I hope everyone will join the Cloud Tradeshow Support Group, aka:
The Cloud Tradeshow Support Group is now free for you to access (conditions apply) and works in a similar way to the Cloud Tradeshow (except it will become a private group on 13 May).
i.e. The world cannot see this group… only members of the group.
Join the support group so that we can all share what you have set up!
You may also like to see my promo on Weebly:
Is this the best or worst ad ever?
Do you like the video?
Join the Cloud Tradeshow Support Group today (free)!
You can set up a long page (post) to promote your goods and services.
Attendees of the New Lynn Popup may become your best customers!
Don’t delay, Join today!
Special discounts for the Cloud Tradeshow (not free, but the world can see it online) until 13 May.
Save 33%! See:
Join me in the Cloud Tradeshow and the Cloud Tradeshow Support Group!


If you would just like to promote your business in a comment, you are welcome to write your comment at the bottom of the current post.

If you would like to see how this site may look like in the future, pretend my blog is this site (about 700 posts) and use the Search menu to search for something.

I belong to the following closed [private] groups for PopUp Business attendees:
PopUp Business Support Aoteroa
West Auckland Alumni
PopUp Business Support Group

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PopUp Business School Aotearoa

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